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Wedding and Events Package 

Wedding and Events Package 

Apex Skin Health International has specially designed an events package. Our doctors have designed a 3-month program to create optimal clear and glowing skin for any event.

The package is a combination of 3 procedures to be given once per month in addition to 4 DeNovo Skincare Products to be used as maintenance between procedures.

Events Package

  1. Free initial consultation.
  2. Procedures

1st Month: Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, non-chemical based procedure that uses microcrystals to clear up the daily embedded dirt from the skin and removes the outermost layer of dead skin, revealing healthier looking skin. The procedure also promotes the production of natural collagen and other viable substances that nourishes and clears the skin. It helps to treat daily skin build up, fine lines and wrinkle and acne & acne scars.

2nd Month: Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel can help in the regeneration of skin by removing the outermost dead skin layer with the help of different chemicals. This procedure improves the overall appearance of facial skin by making the face appear smooth and reduces the visibility of wrinkles.

3rd Month: Dermaplanning and Instant Glow Facial (2 days before wedding)

Dermaplaning is an effortless treatment that removes the layer of dead skin and unwanted facial hair in one go. Although the process involves the use of a blade, the treatment is completely painless. The blade is used to remove the outermost layer of skin especially eliminating the dead skin as well as the unnecessary facial hair which is often referred to as ‘peach fuzz’.

The procedure uses a 10 gauge blade that gently removes the top layer of dull built up skin and leaves the dermal follicles clean. With the removal of dead skin and unwanted hair, the skin becomes smoother and free of clogged dirt filled pores.

The Dermaplaning allows skin creams and serums to better penetrate into the skin, giving an instant glow and brightness to the face.

  1. Denovo Dermal Solutions Skincare Products

Exclusive cosmeceuticals to be used daily.

  1. Cleanser
  2. Sunblock
  3. Eye Serum
  4. Acne Serum