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Injectable Lypolisis

Injectable Lypolisis Treatment


For those looking for a non-surgical procedure for the reduction of fat beneath the chin area as well as other body parts can opt for Injectable Lipolysis. The treatment that chemically reduces the amount of fat cells from any desired areas.

What is Injectable Lipolysis?

Lipolysis is a method that is used to dissolve small to medium amount of unwanted fat from localized areas. The chemical that is used to eliminate the double chin or unwanted fat is called deoxycholic acid. The chemical is FDA-approved and it disrupts or kills the fat cells, hence reducing the areas beneath the chin and belly.

Does Injectable Lipolysis require the use of anesthesia?

Yes, Injectable Lipolysis is administered under anesthesia. Even though the process is a nonsurgical one but the technique demands an injection of local anesthesia on the particular areas. The defined amount of the chemical is injected on the pre-marked and already anesthesia treated areas that needs fat reduction.

Is Injectable Lipolysis treatment painful?

The pain level of the procedure is merely equal to any injectable procedure but this sensation is minimized with the help of anesthesia.

What are the side effects of Injectable Lipolysis?

Not many side effects are reported about the procedure but these temporary after effects may be seen:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Soreness
  • Painless small lumps

What is the recovery time of Injectable Lipolysis?

The recovery time of the procedure varies from 4-6 weeks during which the effected would experience swelling due to inflammatory reaction.

Who is not a good candidate of Injectable Lipolysis?

Not everyone can opt for this treatment, especially the following people are not the good candidates for Injectable Lipolysis:

Pregnant and nursing mothers

Diabetic Patients

Cardiovascular diseases Patients

Lower Immunity Patients

Malignant disorders Patients

Renal disorder Patients