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Derma Rolling

What is Dermarolling?

Dermarolling is a process that involves the use of microneedles to penetrate the skin in order to produce natural collagen and hyaluronic acid. For skin rejuvenation, cell regeneration is a necessary process as it induces the production of natural skin healing and antiaging agents like collagen, elastin etc. A dermaroller helps insert a certain kind of injury to the skin that triggers the production of these agents. In this process different sizes of tiny needles are used for optimizing different results.

0.2-0.3mm: It helps thickens the epidermis and helps skin to absorb skin products more efficiently

0.5mm: This size helps generate the production of collagen and helps in reducing,

  • Wrinkles
  • Acne and Acne scars
  • UV damage
  • Light scaring
  • Hyperpigmentation

1.0mm: This size helps generate collagen more efficiently and is more effective on the skin aging and other conditions like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scaring and open pores. Considering its size, the process requires a numbing cream application prior to the actual treatment.

Is Dermarolling painful?

The use of different sizes of the needles implicate different levels of pain. For smaller micro needles, there is a little tingling feeling but as the size increases, there will be need of numbing agents to ease the pain.

Is Dermarolling safe?

Dermarolling procedure is extremely safe and simple considering there is a proper use of disinfectants and equipment cleaning tools being used beforehand. At ASHI, we have a proper system of cleaning the utensils as well as prepping the client with all the necessary procedure pre-op.

How Dermarolling can help you?

Dermarolling can help you with many skin conditions and give produce skin that is free from:

  • Acne and acne scars
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Hyperpigmentation

While encouraging:

  • Collagen production that rejuvenates the skin.

Who is not a good candidate for Dermarolling?

Although dermarolling is a simple procedure, some people are not the best candidates including people with:

  • Active acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema


How many sessions of Dermarolling are required for optimal results?

For the best results, it is advised to take 4-6 sessions of dermarolling depending on the skin condition. Each process is done 4 weeks apart.