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Step-to-Step, Korean Skin Care Routine

If you are like me and you want a visibly clear and bright skin, there is a skin care routine that can help you achieve that. The world is raving about this beauty regime better known as the Korean Skin Care Routine or K-Steps to Beauty.

The Korean beauty skin routine is not a one-night wonder procedure but it requires everyday care and regular attention. Once you start this skin care just remember there will be no turning back and you won’t actually understand why until you start with this beauty care.

The Korean Skincare is not too different from the regular skin care regimes but only with certain changes in the use of daily products and using those solutions in a series of these steps and of course, the regular use of it is also an essential point.

1ST Step is the use of a Cleanser

Instead of using your regular cleanser, Korean skincare suggests using an oil-based cleanser that helps clear out any debris, dirt and makeup particles that are embedded deep in the facial pores. The oil-based cleanser is an effortless cleaning agent that clear the skin off of all that is clogging the pores, following this a water-based cleanser is used that removes any remaining residue and leaves skin supple. The key is to find a gentle formula that won’t strip or dry out your skin.

2nd Step is the use of Exfoliator

The next step after cleansing the face is using an exfoliator which would not only help in removing the clogged dirt in the pores but also clear the dead skin. However, this procedure is not required for a daily use, exfoliation can be done twice to thrice a week and for sensitive skin once a week will also be enough.

3rd Step is the use of Toner

The skin gets fragile and open after going so much cleansing and exfoliation, so it requires some sort of nourishment and that is fulfilled through the use of a moisturizing toner. The toner also helps the skin absorb the next steps easier.

4TH Step is the use of Essence

The use of essence is most certainly the heart of the Korean Beauty regime, it has been passed from generation to generation. The essence is a kind of moisturizer but it differs in its viscosity just like it differs from serums.

5th Step if the use of Serums

Till now the skin care makes the skin feel like a sponge that should be dunked in water till can’t absorb any more fluid. The essence is something that is in between a serum and a toner thus it requires a real serum that plumps the skin and makes the skin less dull and decreases the large pores.

6th Step is the use of Moisturizer

Korean Skin routine is known to make skin extremely dewy and luminous and that is acquired through the extreme moisturizing steps including the use of moisturizers. This helps in reducing fine line and acts as an anti-ageing process.

7th Step is the use of Sunblock  

The process is finished by the use of a sunblock and it’s a morning process. As the day starts the sun rays can damage and dull the skin and sunblock can help protect the skin.

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